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        SAN KUAI SHI (ANSHAN)NEW MATERIAL CO., LTD is located in Tangjiafang Town, Qianshan District, Anshan City, Liaoning Province, abutting against Anlong road. It was established from July 1st 1994, covering an area of 13.000 sq.m. Now it has 58 employees, including three medium-level technicians and two senior technicians. For these years, the factory has developed rapidly, and its production scale has been greatly enlarged. Now, its production equipment includes four high efficient rectification towers, two depressing systems and supporting cleaning and centrifugal separation devices. Its product material is coked wash oil, crude phenol and anthracene oil. Its annual processing capacity is 3000T.

        The main products of the factory are industrial naphthalene, methylnaphthalene, ß-methylnaphthalene, a-methylnaphthalene, industrial acenaphthylene, industrial fluorene, industrial dibenzofurane, phenol, industrial phenol, 2-cresol, industrial dimethyl phenol, 3,5-dimethylphenol, quinoline, isoquinoline, 2-methylquinoline, phenanthrene, pyrene, fluoranthene and crude anthracene, etc. The products are mainly sold in China, and some are sold in Eruope and Asia, etc.

        The service tenet of the factory is: offer 100% satisfactory products, won 100% satisfaction from clients. Its market development strategy is: survive in the market for the brand, occupy market share through high quality, compete for more market shares for reasonable price, ensure market share through perfect service". The factory director Yang Baochang as well as the whole staff wishes to serve all clients with whole sincerity.

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